tiphub is an impact driven innovation community for entrepreneurs in Africa and the Africa Diaspora. Our mission is to support the growth of the next generation of African and African Diaspora companies.

We do this by:

Building Community

We support, sponsor, host, produce events that facilitate discussion, get people meeting, and work to grow the African and African diaspora entrepreneurship community.

Being a HUB for Resources:

Founders looking to scale the next big company have challenges beyond a theoretical suggestion put in a report. We provide access to mentors who understand your experience because they’ve probably lived them.

We’ve been Founders too and we understand the hacks and the strategies that need to be in place to make things happen. We provide tools, playbooks, and experience to crush it. And if we don’t know it, we put you in touch with someone who can help you think it through


tiphub manages investments in seed stage African and Africa Diaspora focused startups/social ventures that are looking to change the game. We look for experienced management teams, ideas that are highly scalable, and are differentiated by an unfair technology advantage and superior design.